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Sunday, March 1, 2015

This haiku 'segment' was posted on my blog in early March, 2009; now I post this as it was written during the previous March of 2008, a complete haibun. _m

__An instant’s power failure; I quickly lit a candle to light my way to the stove where the tea-kettle still whistled but had lost that whoopish howl of immediacy. Walking past the kitchen window, my candle’s flame found a sparkle point on the outer side of that glass. A drop of water lingered there, at the tip of winter’s last icicle. That drop framed the candle’s flame, and as it glittered it drew me into its kingdom. The drop spoke and explained that they, the drop and the flame had joined, and now shared the same terminal point, they were the targets of the same fate. The drop and the flame, the candle and the icicle, as contrary as they were... they were, but one. 

the last icicle
as one drop lingers
a candle's flame 


Rachel said...

You are simply brilliant, dear Magyar. From your observation skills, mind, heart and soul speak.

A happy new week
For you
wish from the heart

Lorraine Renaud said...

Oh my gosh this is so beautiful DD, you are brilliant wow

Bill said...

the flickering
of an icicle

Magyar said...

My Dear Rachel and Lorraine,
__I'm so glad... you see as I see, through the words I spill_! __Ladies, your too rich comments have caused me to blush; in humility I offer my deepest thanks to you both! _m

Magyar said...

Ah Bill,
__Another clear but contrary understanding... "the flickering of an icicle"... Lovit, Bill_!

Gillena Cox said...

prayer end
a puff of breath
outs the candle

much love...

Magyar said...

prayer passed
wet fingers snuff the candle
a cold door knob

Thanks Gillena, peace_! _m

Moonie said...

Captives of the heart
joined in space and time
a lingering tear

What beauty this haibun - it should be etched on the glass for beauty's memory

Magyar said...

__Moonie, to this... your echo offers a harmonic light_. Lovit_!
__Another echo:

this icicle through the glass
its tear lingers


Timoteo said...

"they were targets of the same fate"...that gave me goosebumps!

Ygraine said...

Oh DO you say so much in so few words??
You are simply talented and inspiring...I felt this in my Soul. Truly!
Thank you so much for sharing that talent with us...:)

Have a Great Weekend.:)

Magyar said...

Thank you, "Y"; and "T"... I'm overwhelmed by your comments!

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