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Friday, April 17, 2015

__This was an echo / comment, I had left at Franks good blog, listed to the right. When you visit there, you'll see its inspiration... and  'parallel.'  >4/13/2915<   _m

ideas not used
clutter the mind's closet
spring cleaning


grapeling said...

cleaning spring's closet
mind the clutter; used, not gone
kept for memories ~

Out of Sight L said...

oh gosh are you reading my mind? this is so appropriate, I need i real in-house body Dear Doug

Ygraine said...

Aah...such inspiring words.
Precisely what I needed...a kick up the rear to get me mentally spring cleaning my rather cluttered thinking patterns! lol
Absolutely brilliant, as always, Doug!:)

Have a great Sunday!

Crafty Green Poet said...

but fon't discard the old ideas until you've cehcked whether you can use them!

Crafty Green Poet said...

also good advice is 'don't add a comment until you've checked it's spelled correctly'

My previous comment should have been

but don't discard the old ideas until you've checked whether you can use them!

Magyar said...

Juliet, I du stuff like that all the time_!
__I thank you all, my friends, aa we carry on! _m

Vesper said...

I love this! So what do we do with them? Use them or throw them away?... :-)

Magyar said...

Horde, is a group.
Hoard, to save... into that group

One in the same, I'd guess_?
> Smiles < _m