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Friday, May 15, 2015

A bird's perch.
__This was scribbled long ago at a friend's garden, and this is the first post of that haiku.
__Nature, in its complex process of being, cares little of our icons, thus, Nature can seem crude to many eyes.

garden statuette
its cloak well painted blue
white shoulders


blogoratti said...

Garden statue, most likely surrounded by flowers. Great and vivid piece!

Jan said...

When I read these lovely words I pictured our statue of Mother Mary that is in our backyard...the white her robes that drape from her shoulders, the blue her veil.
It is very interesting what blogoratti thought of, too.
I wonder what others will see~

Ygraine said...

Have to admit, the moment I read this I too saw an image of The Virgin Mary in my mind's eye!
Your words conjured up such a clear picture of Her...
Truly amazing!

Have a great weekend.:)

Out of Sight L said...

First though same as Jan and Ygraine, so very vivid...wonderful DD

Rachel said...

Kunst im Garten, eine Statue mitten in der Natur. So bekommt sie etwas Lebendiges. Lieber Magyar, ich bewundere dich!!!

Ganz liebe Grüße

Art in the garden, a statue in the middle of the nature. So she gets a living thing. Dear Magyar, I admire you!

Love greetings

Out of Sight L said...

DD I'm leaving Blog land for however long, I don't know i've enjoyed your blog tremendously....if ever i find a place anything where I can be alone i will return xo

Magyar said...

__I thank you all: Blogoratti, Jan, and Rachel_! Ygraine I extend my best wishes through you to your husband_!
__LL. Sorry about your decision, but I'm sure our paths will cross again, soon. _m