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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

This Cinquain is a recent comment posted at Rachel's  blog, with some slight changes. _m

I write,
as I do feel
this turmoil in my mind.
Perhaps by telling with my pen, 
I learn.


Bhagya Shree said...

Writing indeed is a revelation of so many things.


blogoratti said...

Writing is a relief, a magical place offering solace.

Magyar said...

__The >revelation< and >relief<, ane so fitting, Bhagya, and blogoratti. I surely thank you both. _m

Gwil W said...

I shall put a link to your blog. I can't think why I haven't done so before.

Magyar said...

Thanks Gwil, I as well, the add in. _m

Bill said...

"I learn" brings this to a powerful close.

Jan said...

So true _M. Writing opens the emotions of the heart...the soul~

Magyar said...

Thanks Bill_!
Someone once said:
__"A wise teacher, teaches to a point where the students begin to teach themselves; learning, then becomes the teacher."

Magyar said...

Jan, always good to see your comments! Thank you! _m