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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

__In  their  season, it seems  they  are  always  'on guard'  along  the  country  roadways,  fence lines,  and  cottage  fronts.   Salute_!  

in their ranks
the tiger lily armies
butterfly wind


TALON said...

Our first tiger lilies bloomed yesterday. So beautiful and stately. But you speak of them much more beautifully than I, D. :)

It's been a hectic time time. And a sad one. We lost Stripey (our beloved tabby) a few days ago. Still mending my broken heart.

Hope the summer unfolds beautifully for you and Kathy, D.

Magyar said...

Oh Kim_!
__So good to hear from you... aside the sorrow, your sad missing of Stripey. I'm so sorry for your loss, and I fully know that feeling. Please Kim, join your friends here during the summer and beyond. Thanks for your too kind comment_!
__As always D and K.

Gwil W said...

in butterfly wind
a dancing of tigers
a nodding of heads

Magyar said...

__A -nod- of appreciation Gwil, thanks_!

Bill said...

I like "butterfly wind."

Magyar said...

Butterfly wind. A butterfly causing the wind_?
__A political and/or journalistic amplification_? _m

Jan said...

swaying gently
to catch the eye
caught in the breeze
of the butterfly~

You always say wonderful words
in so few lines, _m.