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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

__In these summer months, often the passing clouds will splatter just to let us know they are there.  Kigo_?  I do not use a Saijiki.    _m

eight drops
from this passing cloud
natures clock


Blogoratti said...

I like the vividness of this piece, simple but says a lot.

Magyar said...

My sincere thanks, "B"_!
__One drop, one month. _m

Lorraine Renaud said...

One Drop for one seed, there's still time, before it turns into Autumn DD

Gwil W said...

There used to be cigarettes
called Passing Clouds. They
carried no health warning.

Jan said...

Eight drops of hope
that there will always be
eight more drops on the horizon~

Hi, _m!

Ygraine said...

Haha...wish our summer clouds here only produced a mere splatter!
Four day deluge, more like!! lol

A brilliant piece, Doug...I so enjoyed.:))

Magyar said...

__There are some >blogs< that (seem to) now use prewritten. general and electronic responses to those that visit... that sort of response is too easily recognized by their common length, and (three line,spaced) comment repetition. Not here, folks, >one to one< is the civility that counts.

__Thanks LL, drop after drop, and our time's sweet smiles... as those of your granddaughter_!
__Jan, this vague kigo, the eighth 'drop' of a years time, is August. We always hope those drops linger. Thanks!
__"Y" You, and others, so often see as I write, and well beyond those pale words! I thank you_!
__Thank you too, Gwil W, I never heard of "Passing Cloud" cigarettes, and learning something every day is a smile_! Though I've not mentioned this before now... I lit my final 'pipe-puffs' on 12/31/14... wow!


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