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Friday, August 7, 2015

__Each night, the moon and the bats streak across the pond; often the stars dart away... to escape the hunter.    _m

pond bats
hunters in the night
moon streaks


Jan said...

The ripples of life
and death
dancing with the moon~

So I pictured..._m.

Rachel said...

Hier fliegen auch jeden Abend in der Dämmerung acht Fledermäuse ganz schnell in den Sommerflieder. Dort halten sich viele Käfer, die dann im Flug gefressen werden.

Fein hast du es beschrieben, lieber Magyar...

herzlichst, Edith

Magyar said...

__Thank you for your kind comment ! The word 'Fledermause,' I see as the flying mouse... the bats, world travelers. I hope all is well Edith.
__To and fro, thanks Jan.

Blogoratti said...

Wonderful piece I must say. Well done!

Ygraine said...

Oh WOW...such a vivid picture in my mind's eye you have conjured up!
Yes, I clearly see those stars darting away from their fear for their lives...
Really powerful stuff, Doug...absolutely brilliant!! :)

Gwil W said...

swift as swallows
the bats the stars
near and yet so far away

sandy said...

love this - you inspire me to try my hand at haiku.

grapeling said...

the sky is made up
of bats Escher-joined to stars
that speak beyond ears ~

Lorraine Renaud said...

so endearing and outworldly when you pen it DD

TALON said...

As always, a pure delight to read your writing, D. You mentioned about a kicked-out comment, but it wasn't me. No book tours in my future--though that would be neat!

Hoping you and Kathy are enjoying a stellar summer!

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