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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

__One thing becomes another;  I am the sand. _m

listless stone
sculptured by the endless tides
this sand


Blogoratti said...

A brave piece, well thought out and stiking-like a fine sunset.

Vesper said...

listless stone...

This is such a fine piece... it fills me with awe at your talent

Ygraine said...

How often we overlook the life-cycle of a grain of sand...and now you've once again opened my eyes.
Oh this is so beautiful, Doug!

Have a great weekend.:))

Crafty Green Poet said...

so many years of natural process compressed into a haiku!

Gwil W said...

By a coincidence (or a synchronicity) my current header photo taken at Lake Wolfgang shows a stage in the process. These stones were once on Central Europe's largest plateau The Postalm, they are now entering the lake 1,000 meters below, from there they will eventually reach the River Danube and many of them will come to rest in the delta formed by the sands and mud and reeds of the Black Sea.

Magyar said...

__Vesper, "Y", Juliet and Blogoratti, you have praised my scribble above and beyond any importance I may have given it. My most sincere thanks_!
__Gwil W, synchronicity fits so well here, and the only relations may been among the uncountable stones... thanks Gwil W_!

Gillena Cox said...

Nature does her art so beautifully

much love...

Leslie Moon said...

one tiny speck
touched by the ocean's tides
a big thinker

A classic, Doug

Danièle Duteil said...

Yes, Magyar. Nature polishes things tirelessly and we destroy her work.

Magyar said...

__Ah, Gillena, Moonie, and Daniele; we all know 'tis magical to peer into nature, rather than an instant's passing glance_!

as buds open
color splashes to the wax

__Thanks, friends! _m

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