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Monday, March 23, 2009

Looking for the warmth, I remember this one from a few summers ago. More rain.

in this night's soft rain...
pfsst pfsst pfsst


John McDonald said...

love it nice concrete one

Dalloway said...

fireflies are made for haiku - now I learn, they even make a sound. delightful

Janice Thomson said...

I'd love just once to see a firefly. Your verse presents me with a gentle image. Love this Magyar.

RBroeker said...

Fireflies don't occur in this part of Germany. But now I know, what it will be like, if they come once. Thank you.

Gillena Cox said...

appealing to both senses of sight and sound, very nice

much love

Borut said...

Sounds super...sonic!?:)

Devika said...

Oh so cute, and lovely!

Loved this one, Magyar :)


J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I'm SO ready for ours- they are my favorite part of spring and summer. (other than the warmth!)

Tikkis said...

in the rainy night --
one more song, phleashh


Devika said...


Hope you aren't drunk! :)
i love your humour...satire at times touch a wrong chord, i should say :)

thanks again, Magyar :)


polona said...

love this

Bill said...

Noisy little buggers. Or is that you, trying to get their attention?

It's sad to realize that so many people have never seen a firefly

starry night the darkness between fireflies (published in Acorn)