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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

We are away for a few days, and the wireless link there can be a matter of chance.
This, for my Grandaughter.

eyes open
her rag doll tries to sleep
counting stitches


Gillena Cox said...

this one made me smile

much love

polona said...

this draws a slightly disturbing image for me... hope all is well

Anonymous said...

I fear I don’t understand very well the meaning of “stitches”, Magyiar, but it reminds me of

winter evening
with tiny stitches
the doll's smile returns

Grand Prize, Kusamakura 2002

This ku of Ingrid Kunschke was great.


Devika said...

yes, it evoked a mixed feeling, Magyar

but, knowing its for your grandchild, i smile :)


Magyar said...

_She was supposed to be asleep, and I mildly admonished her for talking, and keeping her doll awake.
_She said "Papa... her eyes are open, and I'm just counting stitches." I likened her answer (with a smile) to 'counting sheep.'
_All is well!

Bill said...

great moment, Magyar. Tender, without slipping into sentimentality or cuteness, as so many kiddie-ku do.

nora said...

very sweetly captured, Magyar. I like it!

Travel safely!

Dalloway said...

it is a lovely moment... kids say the best things - theyre like little Buddhists that live in the moment

Janice Thomson said...

This is sweetly captured moment Magyar - love the counting 'stitches'.

Ashi said...

To "live in the moment" as Dalloway says is one of the best defencies one can have, whether it's sheeps or stiches as long as the results is the same.

John McDonald said...

terrific M

Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...

I think it is Perfect. I can see how the rag doll watches, but cannot seem to get her rest. However, I can see how Polona might get the disturbibg image as well.

I hope your trip is going well

Magyar said...

A fading link from NH: My friends, I thank you all for your graceful and understanding comments! C U soon.

RBroeker said...

So much love in this, _m!

Best wishes

J. Andrew Lockhart said...


Cindybrown said...

This was so sweet!! Loved it!