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Friday, May 22, 2009

Home from the pond this AM. There, there are -weak- wireless linkages.

at the door
eight abandoned shoes


Lorraine said...

I like your stories :)

Devika said...

like it, Magyar
'abandoned' presents a sad image,


Magyar said...

_Yes Devika, abandoned can be an ugly word... here tho, it simply means... kicked aside for further use.

John McDonald said...

enjoyable group in my absence

RBroeker said...

The moment is great. One situation is the husband coming home from a pub. The other is the young girl before shopping. Very nice, _m!

Best wishes

nora said...

delightful, magyar. love it.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I love your choice for L3. :)

Tikkis said...

Sounds familiar!

Rubber boots
eagerly waiting for
heavy rains

sakuo said...

Magyar san,
Please let me know,what does it mean "

Is it a kind of children's game?


Janice Thomson said...

Really like the use of 'steeplechase' that presents a couple different directions for this ku.

Magyar said...

Dear Sakuo San,
_A steeplechase is a horse race wherin the horses overcome barriers like, jumps across pools of water, fences... weaving through pillers that block their course. Its the agility of the horse that counts.
_I thank you all!