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Sunday, May 17, 2009

This... first seen at wonderhaikuworlds.

_I took a step, then a second and a third... thus began my trek along this beach of writers. I glance back and see my footmarks fade and flatten under these waves of words. A sand castle tumbles.
each grain
is this sandcastle
the tide rises

_In a faded moment, I liken myself to a mere grain of sand along this shore of poets; a grain of sand that can never write, but can only witness. I am the simple scribe of what I see and hear, touch and taste, and smell. I dream.
this salty surf throbs
a song of roses


nora said...

A lovely haibun, Magyar. I like the juxtaposition of the beach and writer's group.

Magyar said...

Nora, I know you've seen this one before... perhaps I'll post some new haibun shortly. I thank you!

Devika said...

I like both, the second one more, Magyar

may be for a kind of likeness..i feel the same way :)


J. Andrew Lockhart said...

beautifully done!

Ashi said...

A good haibun Magyar, I like this very much.
A short story and a poem is a good concept.

Magyar said...

_Sight, sunset; taste, salty; feel. throbs; sound, song; smell, roses; hidden senses?

Lorraine said...

Oh you took my breath away, so many poetic forms I don't know of, and I keep on being bewildered, bravo Magyar

the word verification says imartal I think it's immortal in Magyar speak lol

RBroeker said...

ssssssso much fizzling in the second ... I like it very much, _m.

Best wishes

Janice Thomson said...

Oh! This is stunning Magyar - you've included all the senses too.
"this salty surf throbs
a song of roses" - gosh I love these lines. Simply beautiful haibun.

Bill said...

Intriguing and evocative.