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Saturday, July 4, 2009

An "E" link, I thank you all. _m

bursting in this night's sky


RBroeker said...

It is the strong verb which transforms the flowers. Nice one, _m.

Best wishes

Devika said...

picturesque one,

Happy Independence Day, Magyar :)


Frank Williams said...

A nice juxtaposition of images. I love the word bursting and the enery it gives to the haiku...

Tikkis said...

dazzled firely
in the dark evening --

Lorraine said...

Lovely visual, so vibrant and independent ;)

nora said...

Ah! A perfect blossom of a hiaku, Magyar. Very well captured! I can just see it unfolding in the sky just so.

Gillena Cox said...

nice; i like the choice of juxtaposed images

much love

Laure said...

Magyar, i agree with Ralf ... bursting is perfect in this strong haiku.

Dalloway said...

very visual...!

Magyar said...

Anemones... landlocked or seabound, radial arms thar reach out to us from their central point.

I thank you all... _m