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Thursday, July 16, 2009

I'd written a much longer story to this, too long to post.

_Years back, I saw a pastel painting on a silk scroll... a flying bird, and clasped in its claws and beak, were twigs and grasses... the things of a nest. Along side the painting were Japanese characters that, of course, I could not decipher. Now I can only speculate.

begins in every birth
the nest


Devika said...

Yes, those time cycles in a life cycle...or spanning life cycles,

and the nest -- as our earth, has its own cycles,

time is but as a living soul, too

And, 'speculate' or imagine --they don't mean the we speculate on a poem/painting or imagine...imagine is the word you meant?

anyway...good one, Magyar
paintings/music -- all inspire us to think --and you may read something, i may read some other and conclusions could never be drawn...even the artist often don't see things that a reader/viewer sees -thats about creativity of the latter, may be :)

i just tried to make some sense...but it all ended up as a ramble -- but i get the spirit of it, i guess Magyar


Lorraine said...

But your heart caught the message and now you're translating for us, how pretty :)

John McDonald said...

well done M

Laure said...


Timoteo said...

Nice one. Yes, we're "on the clock" from the moment of birth...but only in this dimension where "time" exists.

Gillena Cox said...

How very nice; this is so interesting; i plan to do a collaborative Ekphrastic Poetry sequence, within the constraints of the haiku/senry genre, So here's a first and personal invitation to this Event coming soon at Lunch Break; watch for the Notice

much love

Dalloway said...

this is very good Magyar, I love the sentiment, and its simplicity

haiku-shelf said...

Well done, Magyar!

Best wishes,

Magyar said...

I thank you all for understanding how the -guess- was made. _m

Maxine said...

I clicked through from Lorraine's blog. And boy am I glad I did. Haiku is the one poetry form I haven't tried. Mostly because I rant too much. Your poems are beautiful.