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Monday, August 17, 2009

A Student says, I have much to learn;
a Master says, I have learned... how little I know.

I search the earth and clouds


Bill said...

clouds . . .
I have no skill
at drawing

Anonymous said...

all my troubles
seemed so far away

..would fit better to my emotional state of today. I had no skill at drawing and writing today. But yesterday I didn't see clouds and could write something.

It depends, not only on clouds.

Anyway your ku made me pondering, Magyar. Well done!


Dalloway said...

an enigmatic ku!

Laure said...

A student says, teach me what you don't know ...

There is much to mine in the depths of this, Magyar!

Devika said...

A very deep one, Magyar :)

It took me years to 'understand' the axiom 'Child is the father of Man' --- I thought I 'learned' it in class 6...and was quite clear with the meaning then,

But now...I really doubt if I know it in all depths :)


Frank Williams said...

Nice one Magyar...

Lorraine said...

Essentially the same, like this very mcuh

RBroeker said...

What will we do when we find them? Good one, _m.

Best wishes

Janice Thomson said...

And when the student is ready the teacher will appear...
Deep, with many interpretations...I love this one Magyar