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Thursday, October 29, 2009

__In my searches it was said that, Krigia Biflora blooms into late August. I'd better inform these wild flowers that their -timing- is out of sync.; October 29th, brilliant yellow blossoms compete with the fall birches... and the sunrise. Misplaced Kigo?

this Cynthia
stands as rival to the birch
morning sun


Devika said...

its the way one sees....if seen as rival....the whole universe is in rivalry; if as friends its just friendly....

it all lies in the eyes of the beholder,

i like this anyways, Magyar :)


Magyar said...

Yes Dev, thst friendly rivalry of color... the rich yellow of the Cynthia, the gold of the Autumn birch leaves, and the more intense gold of the sun; that universal, kinship's rivalry... of which you have so aptly spoken. Tnx, _m

Devika said...

When you elaborate, its always a pleasure to read, Magyar and ofcourse there's an added understanding :)


Nana Fredua-Agyeman said...

I love this. Believe the Cynthia is a flower...juxtaposed with the sun...nice ku

Lorraine said...

and lovely competitors they are, and they don't even know it (the competition part that is)
I love this _m

Kristin Riggs said...

I can just picture them...I can also identify. Yesterday, my rosebush still had one magnificent blossom...just looking at it, you'd think it was the height of summer. It's so funny to see it surrounded by dead leaves. I am working on a haiga or taiga for a picture I took of it...not sure which yet. :)

Dalloway said...

good one, Magyar

Magyar said...

My thanks to you all! _m

Tikkis said...

bright autumn sun --
not any rivalry

Ps. Cheers, -m!

Bill said...

Isn't it shocking how Nature doesn't always play by the rules? Perhaps haiku, too, should sometimes ignore the rules.