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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

From last summer, a warm afternoon... .

tiger swollowtail
floats with this old sun's breeze
silent flowers


Devika said...

very nice, Magyar :)

Long since i saw a tiger swollowtail,


Talon said...

I've only seen photos of the tiger swallowtail and they are so pretty. I could feel the summer wind reading this. Lovely!

Lorraine said...

sounds soothing and magical, thanks _m

John McDonald said...

delightful image

joo said...

I really miss the summer - this haiku makes me feel it for a while!
Beautiful weekend to you:)

Kristin Riggs said...

Beautiful...makes me long for warmth. Very nice, Magyar.


bonequinhoda bic said...

I was just wondering that i´ve never seen a tiger swollowtail...i believe that one could do a all new series of brand new poems and Haikus about animals.Better yet "Endangered species."
Maygar a quick question:Have you ever heard of a Portuguese poet named José Régio ?!?

Magyar said...

Dev, as always, thank you!
__So many things written of 'butterfies,' I choose each 'species' I see.

Talon, very happy to have you as a new friend, and I thank you!

Lorraine, "The Knower of the Silence," my thanks to you!

John, old friend... your comments are so well appreciated!

Feel the summer Joo, through your photos!

Kristin, my warm thanks, to the teacher of the dear!

bonequinhoda... (name ?)
__I'd never heard of Jose Regio, but I will discover, and I fully appreciate your visits and the prospect of further interaction.

Again, with pleasure, I thank you all! _m