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Thursday, March 4, 2010

__Our granddaughter became seven, in October 2009; this was she, frolicking across the lawn just after a July afternoon rain, 2007. __Remember when we... ?

bare feet patter
across this dampened grass
a child laughs


Talon said...

That is so lovely! It brought back wonderful memories of when my three children were young.

joo said...

Is there sound nicer than children's laugh?
Beautiful haiku - recalls summer:)

Lorraine said...

such freshness, carefree and thoroughly beautiful...I remember

Rachel said...

...das gefällt mir, es weckt die Freude auf Kommendes..

herzlich, Rachel

Magyar said...

ja Rachel, dies ist allerdings ein pyscological Vorstellung Rucken beizeiten. Danke, _m

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful way to hold on to a cherished memory.

Timoteo said...

One nice thing about having kids who have kids is that you get to have kids all over again.

Magyar said...

Good to see you all, and thank you for your visits!