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Sunday, June 20, 2010

The color, the name... and a child smiles.

tiger lilies
open to a new day's sun
this swallow tail


TALON said...

So soft and pretty, Magyar. I love the deep cups of lilies - perfect for sun catching.

joo said...

Pretty! I love tiger lilies:)

Devika said...

the child in me is smiling, Magyar...It iiizz beautiful :)


Lorraine said...

delightful :)

Anonymous said...

Oh! This could go either way, I like it!

Devika said...

But fourwindshaiga...that we could make it work either way...or in more ways than one is the fun part of haiku, no? I love your haiga...especially the pictures :)

Isn't it so Magyar? :)


Magyar said...

__Tiger lilies, open to a new day's sun,
__Open to a new day's sun, this swallow tail.

__I avoid the word, To me (only, I expect) >butterfly< is over used; I choose the call names of thosw flys. Here "Tiger" Swallowtail is implied, and Yes Dev, the reader can imagine... within their own concept, an aspect (of what some call) haiku. _m

Devika said...

yes, i think I agree...haiku butterflies as I begin to see them in general...and I too prefer names of butterflies,plants....infact i have seen even Sun named as Khazak Sun, Ozark Sun, in poems...and it adds a charm, i thought :)

i think haiku interests me for its many aspects...its simplicity sometimes becomes a puzzle of complexity for me :)

Nice to have your note, Magyar :)



Rachel said...

Lieber Magyar,

herrrrrrlich, schön, lächel...

ich mag diese Schwalbenschwänze auch, sie sind in meinen Augen kleine Kolibris...

herzlichst, Rachel

Gillena Cox said...

a beautiful sunsplashed sketch

much love

nora said...


Magyar said...

Thank you all, my new and long time friends!
__What I need to do... is edit MY own remarks... spelling, typos punctuation. Ugly!

John McDonald said...

another beaut M

Magyar said...

Liebe Rachel,
und ja! Die Kolibris und Schwalbenschwanze... Schwung durch den Tiger-lilien.
Ich freue mich uber

Ich freue uber Ihren Desuch hier, herzlichst! _m

Timoteo said...

I think Devika nailed it--the complexity of such simplicity, the simplicity of such complexity.