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Monday, August 30, 2010

In a few weeks, the cranberry harvest will begin; though they are 'bogs' the roads that encircle them... are dusty.

golden rod
this dusty bog road
crows call


BB said...

This little thieth
Unafraid of getting dirty
Cranberries on his mind
Temptation to a real sweet tooth
Begs the crow to be silent.

Kristin Riggs said...

I love cranberries and this haiku. :) Nice, Doug!

Devika said...

You got a golden rod, Magyar...relay it so that the dusty road is easy to tread :)

And i just read your comment at Tikkis...and to request, not to reduce but add....there are people like me who enjoy every moment in poetry and the poetry in every moment :)

sometimes its a sigh of relief, i get here, sometimes a poignant thought, sometimes a laugh - and you know myself and many of us enjoy that :)


Tikkis said...

When visited my mother-in-law (85 years) in her place I walked also in those swamps aroud there. (Ilomantsi, Eastern Finland)I found some cranberries, and perhaps in these days those are ripe-ready now. Just, we are back in Turku...
Near Turku there are some vast swamp areas, but not thought to drive to walk there... (Hmn, why not?)

I met also some ravens.

august afternoon --
two or three ravens
flying behind the trees

John McDonald said...

good one M

Frank said...

Nice one, Magyar...

Gillena Cox said...

nice contrasts presented in this haiku

something interesting about Golden Rod...

---Medicinal Action and Uses---Aromatic, stimulant, carminative. Golden Rod is an ingredient in the Swiss Vulnerary, faltrank. It is astringent and diuretic and efficacious for stone in the bladder. It is recorded that in 1788 a boy of ten, after taking the infusion for some months, passed quantities of gravel, fifteen large stones weighing up to 1 1/4 OZ., and fifty over the size of a pea. It allays sickness due to weak digestion.

much love

Lorraine said...

Feels like a place where rasperries abound, and in the distance grandma calls out cookies

Timoteo said...

Gather cranberries
while ye can...
Thanksgiving looms

TALON said...

We used to live near a huge cranberry bog and there was always a fun festival at harvest time. Lovely haiku, Magyar.

Janice Thomson said...

I transplanted some Goldenrod to my garden - love those flowers. Great images Magyar.