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Friday, February 25, 2011


new winds
from this clouded vapor
words spring


Lorraine said...

You always have the words and an image :)

Magyar said...

Thanks so much, LL!
__But, so often it becomes a worrisome -thought plague-.
__As always, _m

joo said...

spring is more than welcome:)
As usually love your haiku!
Have a great weekend!

Gerry Snape said...

Always read your haiku. Thanks!

Frank... said...

A lot to think about, Magyar...

TALON said...

I love when the nebulous becomes concrete. I just wish it happened more often. Loved this, D!

(and the word nebulae is just one of those awesome words, isn't it?)

sandy said...

I do like the double meaning of that last line.

beccagivens said...

I happened upon a link to your blog ... glad I found it! Lovely visual through 10 syllables.

Janice Thomson said...

New year, new spring, new words isn't it? And yours always give rise to much thought...

Magyar said...

__Joo... You read and often post the masters works, and I thank you, always, for your comments.
__Gerry... I truely thank you!
__K... from someone who writes as do you... I'm always gladdened by your remarks!
__Sandy... there is always a last line ;<).
__Janice... "always give rise to much thought..." and I hope always to do so; a nifty complement!
__Frank... the thought you speak
of... as well, and I thank you!
__Becca, welcome! Thanks, and please feel free to return!
__Double thanks, my friends! _m

Maxine Beneba Clarke said...

aaaah, the muse awakens.

Magyar said...

...and thank you too Maxine! Your comments are always welcome! _m

susane said...

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