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Thursday, April 28, 2011

__The fragment, gas prices, simply points back to the true meaning of life... living. Gas prices seem, and are, unimportant.
__Best wishes to the people of our South, and to their speedy recovery from the tornadoes, and these storms' devistation.   _m

winds swirl
lives have flown away
gas prices


Anonymous said...

So true, Magyar.

TALON said...

Yes,D, nature has a way of bringing a sharp and important focus, doesn't it?

So sad...

John McDonald said...

let me echo your sentiments M

BB said...

Mundane life is often neglected
Pray for abundance
And never fail to thank the farmer.

I hope all is well,and hope you had a nice Easter my friend.

Lorraine said...

the beauty the ugly the perverse, wow

Gillena Cox said...

oh yes; God's mercy for those afflicted by present tornadoes

poignant haiku

much love...

Frank... said...

What you say is so true, Magyar...

Devika said...

a very native issue...but just made me wonder if life can return to normal across the globe ever, for all,

one way or other disturbances keep coming up -- yet, as they say hope for a good life for all --

Heard of storms there in South...hope and pray all are fine and safe,