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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

An old scribble... spring 2006.

greener foothills
as when life was new
the same blue-jays


Pranavam Ravikumar a.k.a. Kochuravi said...

I took a bit more to understand. Nice post! Have a nice day!

Lorraine said...

some things never change, and others,w ell they're just beautiful, love this Doug

Magyar said...

__As a youngster,(when life was new) I lived in the Berkshire
foothills of Connecticut.
__This was a visit back to those hills, where all things seemed to have changed, but remaining were,
the same blue-jays.

LL and Pranavam... I thank you both. _m

joo said...

Another haiku I admire so much!

Frank... said...

A nice contrast of what's new and things that stay the same, Magyar...

Anonymous said...

They do seem to have a particular nature, don't they?

Gillena Cox said...

spring renewal
of green fields

much love...

Janice Thomson said...

Like the new and old portrayed here.
Spring is such a fantastic season - the beginning of yet another cycle of life which in and of itself is an eternal/old theme. Love this very much Magyar.

Magyar said...

Joo... your visits and comments are always appreciated, I thank you!


Frank... ahhh, that contrary balance, thanks.

Sandy... to me, blue-jays seem odd,
one moment -friendly- and the next moment unsociable.


Gillena... that joy of the green, the new spring... you sense the changes!

Jan... though the blue-jays were the -most young- memory insisted they were the same. I'm so glad you like my scribbles!

I thank you all! Now, on to another bird. _m