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Friday, May 27, 2011

Hi folks!  Home from our pond, a quick visit; see you all on Tuesday.

talk with the chipmunks


Devika said...

Hi Magyar..and a 'hi' to all catbirds and chipmunks!
not many human beings out there?

anyway, happy weekend to all in the "homelands" :)


Devika said...

oh missed to say...Line 1 and 2 are lovely -- providing a much needed sign of life,

if not for them -- what would this world be? it is a sign of advancemnet or decadence that people are closing on to themselves?


Devika said...

That was a query -- "Is it" a sign of advancemnet or decadence that people are closing on to themselves?

i find that happening more and more happening with time....and i can't say if it's just my feeling...a wrong notion or something,


Magyar said...

Dev. thanks!
__Here we seem to be over-using the word -social-. Schools stress that word, TV news stresses that word, politicians stress that word. Civility is rarely mentioned!
__Stressing the word -social-, I think, makes the scheme of
-Socialism- more and more acceptable to others... due to it being imprinted so deeply... but not I.

Devika said...

Okay, but i wasn't being specific about American society, Magyar ...In General, i see people getting more recluse - well all media scream about social, sharing, networking etc,

may be it was a wrong notion on my part,


Anonymous said...

This paints a pleasant scene.
Enjoy your weekend!

John McDonald said...

nice one M

Gillena Cox said...

Line 3 i'm not sure of, then reading comments i'm getting the impression of a sense of society,

your fragment(L1 L2)however is enlivening, made me think of Dr Dolittle, he got into the conversations with the animals; much love...

Judie said...

Everyone knows that the animals meet at a special place for juice and cookies every afternoon!

TALON said...

Hope you're having a super weekend, D. One of our sweet little chipmunks had a conversation with Stripey today and it didn't go well for the chipmunk. So sad...

I love the feel of this. It does seem nature has all sorts of interesting conversations.

Sam!! said...

Hope to have ya back..Happy trip!!


Judie said...

I really love this one! I once told my little granddaughter a story of a place in the woods where all the animals go for juice and cookies in the afternoon. This brought back memories.