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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

__The tornados passed well to the north of us causing, though not to compare with Tupelo, severe damages to Springfield, Worcester, Munson and more towns and cities; sadly, four deaths. Here, near Plymouth, only some very severe thunder storms, and the weather bureau in Taunton recorded along the South Shore, 300 lightning strikes in a mere 15 minutes.
__This time in one's life... just one lightning strike.

tear away this history
lightning strikes


Devika said...

"Tornadoes" - the 'do' 'tear' a lot many i write south-west monsoon is active over Kerala-God alone knows,

Lightning -- frightens me, but they say- a human life is but a streak of lightning, without thunder,


Devika said...

all said...those lines summarises all that, a haibun that touches the reality of life, Magyar,


John McDonald said...

keep safe M

joanne said...

it does make life feel more real and more fragile... brings us all closer to the edge of our own skin... one whim of nature, or even a whim of fate... at any time in one's life... just one lightning strike.

wishing you well... and safe.

sandy said...

We were under the watch, but it was cool here by late afternoon, so I wasn't too worried. We did get that weird yellow sky, though.

Glad you and yours are safe. I feel for the people caught in the wind.

TALON said...

So glad you and Kathy are okay. Such a horrific tornado season this year. Thoughts and prayers are with those who have been so tragically affected.

Lorraine said...

I see it...and I am so glad you're safe

Gillena Cox said...

that the weather will be kind to you, my wish

much love...

taio said...

excelente post

Ashi said...

I have seen picture from town over there totally leveled, it's not mere history that is teared away, it looks like a culture that is uprooted - it cannot be easy to begin again

Judie said...

We lived with the fear of tornadoes when we lived in Chicago. We had many dinners sitting on the floor in our hallway! Scary!!

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Maxine Beneba Clarke said...

Love coming here - it makes me want to try Haiku again and again(despite recent failures of the form)

Crafty Green Poet said...

it must be terrifying to be caught up in a tornado