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Saturday, October 29, 2011

An echo comment I recently left with a friend's post.

a final leaf
whispers to the ground
the snow falls


Margie said...

Very nice!

We have a beautiful tree in our front yard that lost all it's leaves when the snow fell this week.
It makes me sad as the tree still had most of it's leaves and was not done changing colors.

Winter has arrived early here in Colorado!

John McDonald said...


Frieda said...

This is lovely... The leaves are starting to fall here, too.
I hope you are doing fine despite the early winter that has come to the East Coast!

Judie said...

Doug, beautiful and poignant. I hear that some areas of the country received their first snowfall before the leaves were letting go of their branches.

Thanks for the excellent comment on my post! Keil is carving a pumpkin for us today. The first was for a contest at the resort at which he works.

joo said...

It's beautiful, but please no snow! Not yet:)

Anonymous said...

The same thing here. In fact, I still have pots of geraniums hiding under the porch. I guess I should go out and rescue them tomorrow.

Lorraine said...

That is so beautiful our leaves have flown, and still , no snow....

Magyar said...

Ahhhh, my friends, for your visits and kind comments, I thank you all!