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Friday, August 23, 2013

Departure 17

As I drove down a back road in Winchester Ct. a while ago, this thought came to my mind. I didn't happen... but it could have. Smiles!

Whoop! Whoop!
Blue lights... . Ut-oh!

__"License and registration please."
__"Sir... have you been drinking? Texting?  Step out of the car please."
__"Now, walk that straight line. Oh... ok, Now, will you take a sobriety test?"

__Why yes, Officer, of course I'll take that test."

__"Zero! Uh, sir, are you taking drugs? Do you know why I stopped you?"

__No, Officer, not drinking, no drugs, no texting. Why did you pull me over?" 

__"Sir, I termed you as... an  -ERRATIC DRIVER-!"

__Well, Officer, first there was that dead skunk, then the pot-hole, and the loose manhole cover, The puddle? I couldn't be sure what was underneath all that water. Did you see that doe crossing the road... with her fawn? I  steered around them all; I suppose, then, I could be seen as...
 an  -ERRATIC DRIVER-, dodging about as I did."

__"Have a nice evening sir."



Lorraine said...

oh that's beautiful, wonderful Doug

Bill said...

It's the universe that's erratic.

Gillena Cox said...

phew!! that was close...smiles

much love

John Mcdonald said...


Margie said...

Made me smile :)
Thank you!

TALON said...

lol - this was great, D. See? It's all about perception. :)

TALON said...

Oh, and the poem you left on my "Snippets From A Summer Journal" are gorgeous. Thank you!

Magyar said...

As always LL, tnx!

__Bill, just a slight-bit askew, from the universe to our spoken languich. Unnerstan wud I sain?

Oooo... kudda happened, Gillena, glad you smiled!

__Good to see you, John... I'm happy for your LOL!

Margie... another smile! Woah!

__K? I think I'll post that Cinquain here... soon; so glad you liked it, and this a-muse-ment.

I fully thank you all!!!! _m

Vesper said...

Love this!
I am that kind of driver... :-) I steer around butterflies and stop for squirrels... :-)

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