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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Living forward, or is it loving forward_?   Two letters, such little difference. 

the lilacs
as natures hand beckons
a hummingbird  


Out of Sight L said...

I can feel and smell this and it is heavenly Dear Doug, have a wonderful weekend :)

Out of Sight L said...

wow where did all those cakes come from they almost stopped me from commenting and no, I assure you I am still of full mind, and intellectual abilities I saw cakes...hum weird

Out of Sight L said...

then it was pizza and food but only when i reach the I'm not a robot stage....

Magyar said...

Oooo... must a bin an electronic volcano... a cakes and pizza app.
__Prove you is no wobut!

__And in your last posted photo I can hear the duck quacking. "Now,
where did I leave my 'Bill Phone'_?" (Cell Phone_?) Smiles LL. have a nifty weekend! _m