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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

One Sonnet form, as some would argue against; I scribbled this "Found" and others... long ago.


I stand apart, watching through your sorrow,
With tears at the loss of a love begone.
You wander that circle, as you are drawn,
To that lonely search for your tomorrow;
With your heart so full, your mind so fallow,
In your eyes the lost hope of new love's dawn,
You silently stand, as a misplaced pawn.
This a deep search, to forestall your barrow.

With offered touch, another's  lonely goal;
I see her full glean, her deepened mire,
Beyond this surge of her lone desire.
She sends her full heart to your lonely soul,
And in joyful tone,  it sates your fire.
With her song of love, the steeple bells toll.


Ygraine said...

Oh how beautiful...I am left utterly speechless...overcome with emotion.
This is absolutely amazing...:))

Sanaa Rizvi said...

This reads beautifully.. like one humming a melodious tune :D
Well penned..!

Gwil W said...

Your "long ago" Shakespearian period methinks.

Jan said...

Very beautiful and so touching, _m. Gently poetic and much so, that I hated to stop reading when I came to the, I read it again twice over. Everyone knows that good things come in threes~


Bill said...

I've never tried a sonnet, and I don't think I ever will.

blogoratti said...

I thought that was beautiful. Well done!

Moonie said...

Im glad you found it Doug. It's lovely

Lonely fog horn
breakers hide what's broken
love must live on

Magyar said...

__My friends, "Y", Sunny, Gwil, Jan, Bill, Blogoratti, and Moonie, I fully appreciate your visits and comments_!
__Moonie, your senryu fills the gap_!

Sanaa Rizvi said...

That was simply amazing :D Bravo!!

grapeling said...

elegant ~

Magyar said...

From me, you are all due... profound gratitude. _m.