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Thursday, August 27, 2015

__Now, this is a rare rewrite I applied to one of my posts that originated during August, 2009; it was our walk around a nearby cranberry bog.

aside this dusty path
bee's sneeze


Gwil W said...


Lorraine Renaud said...

I'd love to hear how I love your Haikus, always DD

Magyar said...

__Sorry, LL... you'll have to imagine the "Ahh-choos!" Smiles, are my thanks to you.
__Egeszsegedre_! Gwil W; smiles and thanks.

Jan said...


Only the pollinator, the bee, would sneeze from the beautiful Goldenrod wildflower~

Ygraine said...

How powerfully your words transport me there too...I swear I can practically smell the flowers and hear the hum of the bees!

Oh this is simply magical...:))

Magyar said...

__Thanks, Jan_. Npw, let us imagination this for the sense of a sneeze relief: Beenex not Kleenex. _m

__"Y" I feel you are far too generous as you compliment my "scribbles"; I blush, while you soften my humility, and I thank you "Y"_! _m

Leslie Moon said...

sooo sweet.

child's nose tickled
bee admires the beauty
giggle shared

you do inspire - Moonie :)

Iris said...

what's a nature :)
all the best, Magyar

Magyar said...

__Mooney... I think they'd they both laugh_!
Twitchy noses; a child and bee pass through; pollen cloud.
__Ahhhh, the nature of our sneezes, Iris_!

I thank you, "Dear Ladies"_! _m

audrey lefour said...

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