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Thursday, November 18, 2010


Departure number 4:
__Plausible: the sailors of this cosmos may someday meet... our kin.

Beyond any conscience but their own,
The seas milled rocks into sand's surrender,
But not the sailor.
Wandering through the vague,
Questioning reason, mariners risked mortality
By chalanging this covenant:
Scholars of this cosmos, taught of life
That ceased at the horizon...
In ignorance the mariners sailed
To meet the scholar's error.

__Oceans did not spill over the edge,
__And thought, woven above the scholar's
__Sphere of liquid rule...
__Taunted wonder, and called to
__This sunset's compass,
__Those that would inquire.

__Time didn't spill over the horizon,
__It peeled back, revolving
__And returning as the global seas;
__In contrary eddies,
__Time followed the tides,
__To solve the riddles tomorrow may ask.


That life ends at this atmosphere's horizon,
The sailors of these deeper seas
Challenge this doctrine among the stars,
And there, to learn of time's secrets
In words spoken... by Kin-met.


Devika said...
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Devika said...

a tough poem, Magyar...
(many typos...but yes, its one of the most complex poems to be on a blog,


Magyar said...

Thank's for the edit, Devika!
__This was copied from an old 'scribble' book of mine; I hope I've adjusted those pesky errors! _m

Devika said...

By "challenging" this covenant:
"Scholars" of this cosmos, taught of life
That ceased at the horizon...
In ignorance the mariners sailed
To meet the "scholar's" error.

Just three more I noted -- even I am not patient with editing, Magyar,

But that's no big issue here...It's a real tough poem -- especially for a fast read :)


Nana Fredua-Agyeman said...

I agree Devika. This had to be studied. I read through once. I have the feeling Magyar is talking about the search for UFOs, the travels in spaceships and our outer-earth research in search of lives on other planets. Interesting...

Magyar said...

Trying to relate the schol O rs to the sail O rs... was not an error, but an intent... yet, it has now been altered.

Lorraine said...

WOW I love every words,the space between words the triumph of discovery over the ignorance of science it all

Lorraine said...

Hey my dear friend Dev, it's an inspiration that you can' always get because you have such an analytical mind.

with your permission Dev and Doug !!!

this blew me away...

Devika said...

oh! yes, Lorraine...No doubt about that -- its interesting...

Inspiring - I can't say, Because I won't try writing this kind of poetry or any jotting -- Not within my realm or capability :)

Nana -- i don't know; i saw a deeper critical analysis of humanity in it -- it is interesting, definitely :)

Magyar, thanks for the space..and the intentional "O" -- makes sense, but couldn't make out as it was :)


Magyar said...

__Thanks all, this was written in 1991.
The concept:
__The sailors of old... didn't sail off the edge of the Earth, as was then the common belief. They discovered... new places, and new peoples.
__Isn't it plausible... the sailors of the new sea, the cosmophere, might accomplish the same things... as did the sailors of old? _m

Devika said...

Plausible...perhaps only the edging or adventurous sailors know! :)

i have only been in an anchored-ship and few times in the boat, crossing the lake/river

i know thats a silly response; but thats only what i know :)


Devika said...

oh well about humanity's progress -that too; frankly i don't know where it is going or where it is wanting to reach! :)


Gillena Cox said...

"Time didn't spill over the horizon,It peeled back,revolving" my favourite lines

healing wounds
the slow tic toc
of a wall clock

much love

Anonymous said...

My favorite line, This sunset's compass.

I got it!

Magyar said...

Lorraine, thank you for your kind remarks... and understanding.

Dev... I enjoy the discourse twixt you and I, and too... you and LL!

Nana, good to see you again! I'm really not a UFOlogist... but there are some unanswered questions!

Ahhhh Gillena... thank you so very much for your apt echo!
-The "revolving" wall clock:

'Four Winds', a compass reference
in itself! Thanks Sandy!

Timoteo said...

You have boldly dared to go where you normally don't go...I like it!

Magyar said...

Thanks Timoteo,
__All of us must explore different realms, so we do not become sealed in that webbish cocoon.

TALON said...

I liked this so much, D. Travelling to the very edge and then have to admire those that braved to challenge the theories.

Anonymous said...

this is extremely creative, and i'm with the mariners!

now i want to go to read:
'the wreck of the hesperus' by: henry wadsworth longfellow
'the rime of the ancient mariner' by:samuel taylor coleridge

thanks for sharing