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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

__Tomorrow night, back to our pond, See you soon, friends.
Oooo. Which one to choose, which one to choose, which one... ?

bewildered bees
so many tiny blossoms
queen annes lace


TALON said...

Have a fabulous time, D!

I watched the bees in the bee balm tonight...they were doing exactly this.

Lovely to read your beautiful writing again. I've missed it.

My verification word is "inglown" - that's sort of neat, isn't it?

John McDonald said...

enjoy the pond M

Frank... said...

This paints a lovely picture...

joo said...

Have a great time!

Anonymous said...

Better too much than nothing. Bees do get in a frenzy, don't they?

Lorraine said...

Oh magnificent, I see it, I don't think I'd take a photo for fear of disturbing the moment dear Doug

Magyar said...

-Glowing from within- So good to see your glow again, K! I need to steal some time to once again visit my blog friends on a more frequent basis!

Joo... as it is, Kathy are home on Monday and Tuesday, and an occasional 'quick home' as I call them, I do the best I can with the 'blog follow,' thanks.

Sandy... the birds and the bees. Oh my! ;-)

Lorrain... what moment could you
-ever- disturb? Queen Annes Lace blooms a long time... . Please, take that photo!

John, as always, I fully appreciate your comments!
Frank... boy, do I have some squirrel storys for you!

I truely thank you all! _m