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__I see with young eyes, an old mirror. Here, I hope to offer... as I see.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Not sadness... a remembrance, as we step toward the New Year.

__12/31/11... Thanks, friends, quickly home from our -cold- pond just to say hello... and wish you all a Happy New Year!
See you on 1-2-12. 

new frost
on these headstones
old names


John McDonald said...

good one M

joo said...

I wish you happy and beautiful New Year.

Frank... said...

A good contrast between 'new' and 'old', Magyar...

Lorraine said...

shivering with remembered
pain ...sad and beautiful

Anonymous said...

For some reason, that pleases my mind's eye.

Margie said...

Wonderfully expressed!
You do that so well!
Thank you!

TALON said...

Yes, those empty seats...

Beautiful, D.

Wishing you and Kathy a fabulous and magical 2012!

Anonymous said...

happy new year M

Ashi said...

happy new year Magyar;
old headstones
with ice armour

Gillena Cox said...

Best Wishes for 2012

much love...

Bill said...

elegant and eloquent

Anonymous said...

I like the word game new frost - old names.

Have nice new year in good health and creativity.


Magyar said...

Thanks Friends!

__The NEW, as we see the frost, and times that had been before, we still see them happppppily... as new.
__The OLD, if we have beheld it in our eyes for the first time... we can then see the old, in our new reality, quite happppppily... as new.

__Thus... can we not see... all things quite happppppily as new? Smiles!

Iris said...

Magyar :)
I am a new follower of yr blog and happy to find at least one Magyar who writes haiku. Kár hogy nem magyarul
:( de nem baj, én pedig angalul, lengyelül és magyarul is írok. Nem régóta. Boldog Új Évet kivánok :)