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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Our first seasonal visit to 'our pond;' the gate hinges offered their hellos.

a greeting
these rusty gate hinges
snow melt


TALON said...

I cannot WAIT until the snow starts to recede and I'll gladly oil those rusty hinges, D!

I loved this!

Danièle Duteil said...

A little work now in the garden... !

Iris said...

admiration for the hinges :) how good to be here again :)
have a good stay, Magyar :)
best regards, Iris

Lorraine said...

I love photographing rusty gates, but fornow I have to settle for snow or old photos,
beautiful Doug, beautiful

Magyar said...

... and then, of course, this political metaphor. ;<)

rusty hinge
idle these many months
once elected

__TALON... squirt, squirt squirt, that oil!

__Daniele... the herbs are still there, some quick summer vedgies soon. (or is that quick -simmer- vedgies?)

__Iris... ahhh, the friends there, the people, and the animals!

__L.L. What can I write that you havn't seen before? I AM, an "old photo."

old photo
this snow has yet to melt
a humming bird

I Thank You all... K and Daniele, Iris and L.L. _m

Bill said...

I like winter, but sometimes it can't take a hint . . .

Will the groundhog ever be trusted again

storm warning
how many weeks since
groundhog day

Anonymous said...

On it's way...nice one!

Magyar said...

punxutawney phil
this phibber on his ski board
journalists shadow

__Thanks Bill! The 'stuff' you write always makes me think. Or is it that... I always think, and the
'stuff' you write becomes the spur? [yup... it's fibber ;<)]
__Always Bill, quick spring arrival, and warm wishes! _m

Tikkis said...

Hello world!
Rusty bones
not yet retired


My summer events still open. Turku is a country-town, so it is nice also here. We got a (muddy) river, and some apple trees, and one cherry tree etc.