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Thursday, May 2, 2013

As recently left... as a complementary comment... at Lorraine's nifty photo blog, and thanks too, to you Geraldine.

a herring gull
stands guard at this bollard
cast off


TALON said...

Love this, D...reminds me of when I was living near the ocean. The gulls were voracious...

And thank your for your lovely Cinquain on my poem "Veracity"...sometime I'd love to see your scribble books. They must be jam-packed with true creative treasure.

Bill said...

Captures that authority we sometimes see in gulls.

Anonymous said...

Very nice...I'm there!

FYI, your prompt is up next week at Woven Dreams Magyar. :<)

Lorraine said...

I"d like to see the condition of it you know me and photos still very cool

Magyar said...

Ooooops... LL, the Herring Gull wasn't intended to be the "cast off," sorry. My fault.
__Cast off is a nautical term used as the ship leaves its moor. The sailors 'cast off' the last mooring lines, the ropes most plausibly secured to any of the ships bollards.

Lorraine said...

Nothing is ever your fault dear Doug, occasionally my French comes through ahhhh lol