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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Green thoughts; green to blue, to gray, then white. Thanks Geraldine. _m

rich moss
aligns this stony brook
the swans


Bill said...

a silence

Frank... said...

A very colourful haiku, Magyar...

TALON said... pretty,D! We actually had green to white here today - from green grass to snow! Ick! I can't wait until Spring finally settles in properly.

Lorraine said...

A lovely sight to behold Doug

Magyar said...

__Ah yes Bill, the silence of the Swans... but when the chicks are born, don't -cross- with Papa Swan!
__Frank, the green has richened!
__K, it is now 'greening time,' and soon it will overcome; the snow feeds the 'greens needs.' ;<)
__LL, Ain't it? Those pillowy, green and mossy creek banks, the swans, and now... the lilacs!

Thank you so much, my friends. _m

Vesper said...

I can see them all, the cool water, the majestic swans floating on it... Beautiful!

John McDonald said...

love the classical sound OF ALIGNS

Robyn Greenhouse said...

Such a peaceful, pretty scene you've created. You suggested a fun prompt for woven dreams - thank you!

Magyar said...

Thank you Vesper! (Chick?) Your visits are always appreciated.

Robyn... welcome; to you too, I offer my thanks!

John, my long time friend, I hope all is well... !


moondustwriter said...

you write such classic haiku
the words evoke serenity of the mind

I am just getting my toe into the depth of a form that is without a bottom

BB said...

Tree roots
Deep prayers in the soil
Trees are temples.

Leslie said...

loved your butterfly haiku
ahh the flowers are silent in the presence of the beautiful butterflies
enjoy your spring