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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Another... "33"

still pond
the frogs are counting stars
an owl


night pond
this moon finds the far side


polona said...

moonlight and the night sounds on the pond... so nice

Lorraine said...

it is lovely, I see it and love it and Hi Polona, gosh it's been forever, with your permission Doug :)

Bill said...

back home . . .
the pond where we looked
for tadpoles

TALON said...

Your imagery always transports me, D. :)

Vesper said...

Ponds and frogs and moon and stars... How I love the night and how well it lives in your words!

moondustwriter said...

nature keeps busy
love the image of the frogs counting stars
moon playing peek-a boo???

Magyar said...

__Polona, LL, K, Vesper, Leslie... ALWAYS so good to feel your kind comments!

And Bill... with a smile: back home that pond (a seasonal puddle in fact) had long ago, in truth, been filled in.

in the pond
where I chased tadpoles
a new house



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