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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Another... "33"

sun rise
warms the cool night's air
winds change

three clouds
a smiling face in this sky
one hawk


TALON said...

Oh, these are beautiful companion pieces, D. I love watching a hawk soaring. :)

We had snow showers last night. Ick. Not quite ready to face what's coming!

Lorraine said...

it's beautiful I feel a cumulus coming on it will be a beautiful day :) wonderful Doug

Anonymous said...

Very beautifully expressed. Hope all is well. I'm guessing your part of the world is a blaze of color right now. Happy Weekend, G

Bill said...

a hawk circles
weekend traffic

Frank... said...

A super duo, Magyar...

Magyar said...

__Dear K, LL, and G... I truly thank you, for your kind comments!

My often extended imagination; two 'round' clouds and under them, a narrow 'up-arched' cloud... not exact, but it certainly seemed like a smile to me. Thanks again!

Magyar said...

Bill, thanks!
__A hawk, circles in its own rotary... never having to 'yield' to on-coming traffic.

Frank... I thank you for your understanding visit and remark.

Again, I thank you all! _m

Rachel said...

Mein lieber, guter Freund,

ein lächelndes Gesicht davon war meins, lächel...

Danke für deine Treue und dass du mich vermisst hast.

Dir eine feine Zeit
von Herzen

Magyar said...

... and my SMILE back to you, good friend! _m

Sam!! said...

Very well said..:)


Magyar said...

Thank you Sam!
__Yours, and the comments of my other friends and visitors, have helped me -sweeten- my -sour- outlook... that had been a nuisance to me [and I expect to others, grouchy old man, that I am]... these past few weeks!
;<) _m

Danièle Duteil said...

early morning
a flight of seagulls
opens my eyes

Tikkis said...

A lazy autumn -
just one morning crow

Sali Soli said...

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Gillena Cox said...

rainy day...
a bird thrills through
the overcast

much love...