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Monday, October 21, 2013

The sun's rise... warms the cool night air, morning wind.

chasing this bird
a red leaf on the wind
suns whirl


Lorraine said...

of course the bird has great imagination I can see it slow its flight for the leaf to catch up, such a lovely story in so few words, wonderful Doug

Bill said...

I like the dynamism of this.

Vesper said...

The bird is a leaf... the leaf is a bird... amazing musicality... simply wonderful!

Sam!! said...

Loving this one...:)

Magyar said...

Oooo LL, another vision! The bird dodging with the leaf, a breezy game twixt two different forms of life; great!

__Bill... thanks, we all missed you in the 'movie time,' glad you've returned!

Chick With a Pen... [I really like that title! ;<)] Have you ever mistaken a 'leaf on the wind' for a bird? Yup, so have I! thanks! _m

__Sam... we'll keep the words flowin' glad to see your able to work your blog more closely! _m

Sali Soli said...

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