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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Comment,  left at Zen Speug. (slight edit)   Nature's Opera is... all seasons, thus, senryu.

with hunters
this cast of natures opera
the prey


Frank... said...

Nice haiku, Magyar. Love the 2nd line...

Jan said...

I really love how you put so much into so few lines..._m.
Oh the drama of nature~

Danièle Duteil said...

Nice, Magyar !

Lorraine Renaud said...

let the music flow to nature and hide them all, wow how do you do this DD, always so impressed

Ygraine said...

And long may Nature's Opera play on!
This is truly brilliant, Doug.:)

Have a Fabulous Weekend.:))

Moonie said...

spots never change
catch a scent on the breeze
the prey knows

catching the sounds and sights of your fantastic haiku - moonie

Magyar said...

__Ah... Moonie, you over-build my ego with your words "fantastic haiku"; some day I may even refer to myself as a poet. Thank you, and smiles_! _m

Magyar said...

"Y" ACT ONE. Thanks, such a fine comment_! Brilliant_? WOW_! _m

LL, Nature's music is in our minds!

Daniele, so good to see you again! Thanks_!

Jan, its my thing... little, is neater; its more efficient to carry two small open buckets of water, than one pail that is too far over filled.

Thanks Frank_! I still see that squirrel with the tea cakes. Smiles_!