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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Hold to your visions and dreams, and they will not evaporate in life's wind.

this instant's wisp
a rain drop


Rachel said...

*Deine Worte,
sie klingen in mir nach -
als hätte ich sie
deinen Träumen erlauscht*

Lieber Magyar, jetzt konnte ich dir ein Gedicht von mir zu deinen Worten schreiben, lächel. Ich hoffe, du freust dich...

LG, Rachel

Gwil W said...

childhood raindrops
Do you still run
down my moonlit pane ?

Magyar said...

__Many thanks Rachel, you are welcome to join the dream_!

__Raindrops; draw straight each childhood path; some wander.
I like your haiku echo Gwil. If unseen there, is the need to ask, "Do you still ?"

Ygraine said...

Oh gosh...yes...if only we could distill our dreams into raindrops...then capture them forever in a sealed bottle...only to be opened when the nostalgia becomes too great to bear...

How DO you do it, Doug? This is awesome...:))

Leslie Moon said...

Glad that some things don't evaporate.
Hope you are enjoying Fall's beauty.

Rosiana Monbon said...

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