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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

__From my scribble book of 11-15-15.

the mind steeps
as does this well aged cider
bubbles rise


Gwil W said...

Bubble on

Vesper said...

well said... bubbles are good. :-)

TALON said...

Life abounds. :)

Wishing you and Kathy and your family and friends a beautiful Thanksgiving, Doug.

haiku-shelf said...

I like this mood!

"...bubbles rise"

Rachel said...

Ja, lieber Magyar,
je älter, desto weiser werden wir...

Für dich und deine Lieben eine gesegnete Adventszeit

mit lieben Grüßen
von mir zu dir...

Magyar said...

__I thank you all, my friends; I've re-gathered some direction and activity_!