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Saturday, January 9, 2016

__Each sunrise, an addition to your larder. _m

a new day
adds to the chimes
open diary


Blogoratti said...

A newness of everything, of thoughts and actions. Greetings!

Iris said...

Dear Magyar,
Január kilencedik means today :)
Happy Birthday wishes :)

Magyar said...

Legmelyebb koszonom, Iris_!
__Blogoratti... "A newness of everything," 'tis the reason we awaken each new day_!

Danièle Duteil said...

Best wishes Magyar, and go on having such open diary.

Gwil W said...

day begins
the present
a moment

Jan said...

I agree! Thankfully with each new day we have another chance to right a wrong~

Magyar said...

__I thank you Daniele... that remouillent view of the "scribble book"; the deeper stew_!

__Gwil, nifty... the present is but a moment, but that moment is >the present<.

__Jan, we keep checking what >we did, that we did not like< that daily adjustment of moral compass.

Ygraine said...

Each new day...the chance to begin again and rewrite the present! *smiles*

Hope your birthday was a magical one! :))

Lorraine Renaud said...

indeed why live in the past when today is a present? Love this DD, and happy birthday DD in case i missed it, xo

N.s.k. warnakulasooriya said...

good work

Timoteo said...

Catching up on your latest ones...always enjoyable!

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