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Monday, February 29, 2016

__The foghorn -sounds in- to help.  _m

slices this deepened haze
the foghorn


sandy said...

Lighthouse - foghorn - can it get any better.

love your haiku today. Feels atmospheric.

Gwil W said...

Completely agree with Sandy. This reminds me of one of my favourite places, the Ardnamurchan Peninsula on the West coast of Scotland.

joo said...

As Sandy said - very atmospheric.

Magyar said...

__Thanks Sandy and Joo, for >being there<_!
__Gwil, of my electronic visit to Ardnamurchan Lighthouse, 'tis a grand place. _m

~Broken voices~ said...

As I read that last word, I heard that foghorn in the distance. Thanks for taking me there!

Bill said...

A belated congratulations on the anniversary of your fine blog, my friend.

Magyar said...

__Good to see you "BV"... welcome. I fully appreciate your visit and comment_! _m
__Thanks Bill... seems like 7 days. Duh olda yuh git, duh fasta time goze_? Smiles_! _m

Ygraine said...

Oh how atmospheric this is...that uniquely haunting sound of the fog horn...and the first glimpse of a lighthouse in the fog...pure magic!!! :)

Magyar said...

__Ah those far sounds "Y", the seeds: that fog horn; an owl; a train; the far dog... a waterfall and more_! Functions and lives so often overlooked, and we are lucky to envision and become a part of that seeded imagination. Thanks, "Y"!

veredit - isabella kramer said...

miss the sea so much ... thanks for this.