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Friday, March 11, 2016

the mind
becomes a story's oven
rivers flow


Ygraine said...

Riding the rapids of emotion...we learn to think the impossible...possible.

A highly evocative post, Doug...really set my cogs whirring! :))

joo said...

More than right ... rivers flow, time flows!
Happy weekend to you:)

Jan said...

flowing thoughts
create a delicious
recipe of words~

Wonderful the way your oven works, _m :)

Leslie Moon said...

Wow this one really struck me for original thought

burner always on
inspiration's garden
thoughts simmer

you are the master of inspiration

Magyar said...

I thank you, "Y", Joo, Jan, and Moonie. I adore the echoes_!
__Rivers flow. An idea is but one drop that joins with others to become a trickle. That trickle becomes a brook that grows to the river and flows to the sea; the sea, the story.

Bill said...

old friends . . .
telling each other stories
we pretend to believe

Magyar said...

__Thanks Bill, and you've spurred my age weakened memory_! From the dusty files, will be my next post.