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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

__In the summer light, a spider web is seen as a barrier to many;  the web's woven central core, its hub, I see as a virtual 'spider eye'. _m

in the weir
this webs vital union
spider eye


Rachel said...

Ich mag Spinnennetze, wenn sie vom Wind hin und her gewogen werden,
wenn Regentropfen an ihnen hängen...

Du hast wieder ein wunderbares Bild geschaffen, lieber Magyar

Liebe Grüße

Magyar said...

__The after shower cobwebs; yes Rachel, those tiny specks of water that remain to sparkle in the new sunlight. An image created by nature, we can only put to word as we see.

__Danke, Rachel, und die liebe. _m

JFM said...

woven threads
from the center spreads
to catch her supper
for she must be fed~

Very cool, _m :)

Magyar said...

__I like your rhyme Jan, thanks; we'll just, not discuss the menu. Smiles_!

hours spent
to tend this woven web


~Broken voices~ said...

A nice sight as dew covered webs catch the morning light

Bill said...

quickly, Spider --
she'll only be gone
for a moment

Gwil W said...

It's wonderful how a small creature with a brain perhaps the size of an apple pip can construct something that an architect or an engineer would need a computer and a team of assistants to create on a human scale. Nature is truly marvellous.

joo said...

Spider waiting in web is a nice subject both for haiku and photo:)

Bob Bushell said...

Beautiful spider
Beautiful web

Ygraine said...

Definitely a barrier to me (as you know!)...but beyond that barrier...aah such glittering beauty - so long as I don't have to touch!;)

Brilliant! :))

Leslie Moon said...

we cant see
sun graces woven outline
spider perceives

I love the way you give the reader a deeper view of the spider's world

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