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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

__As our nights slowly lighten into mornings,  there  are points in that waning darkness where we may all have heard this:  birds that call to the sun,  with pleas that it will rise.   _m

morning  jays
call to this warm day light


Sandy said...

I rarely see a jay since I moved from the woods into town. This is something that I have felt, though.

Ygraine said...

Oh how I love the sound of the dawn chorus...I so often wake early and just lie there in the moments of first light...listening in awe!
Oh thank you for making me re-live those precious moments, Doug...really made my afternoon perfect...:))

Leslie Moon said...

whip or will
sun dozes, longs the day
nature beckons

so much to enjoy as each summer day begins

Jennifer Wagner said...

This is beautiful. One of your best!

Magyar said...

__Sandy, "Y", Moonie and Jen... my deepest thanks_! _m

Jan said...

the sun answers
with colors of
pink through red~

Lovely...I will always enjoy your writings, _m.

Magyar said...

__Thanks Jan, >the sun answers.< _m

sandy said...

oh i like this and the stellars' jays around here wake me up with the sun.