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Sunday, July 24, 2016

The pound / number sign,  was hand written before the invention the typewriter and its keyboard. What is a typewriter_?

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Magyar said...

__Friends, I'm having some difficulties with my blog format, in particular the -followers- segment. I am now trying to rectify these (2) problems therin. _m

Jennifer Wagner said...

My kids laugh when I talk of the days of typewriters! Ah, the changes!

Gwil W said...

you're not alone

Magyar said...

__Long ago I had two Portable typewriters (Laptops?) and one of the first "ball type" IBMs. Then, there was my "word-processer" with that "floppy disc" storage function. Wow... or is it ouch_!?
__Does anyone remember when... there was a push to combine the exclamation and question marks into one key form, to indicate an "exclamatory question?" _m

Janice Adcock said...

interesting .. Had never thought of the hashtag like that..

Sandy said...

I know what a typewriter is very well. That dates me, doesn't it? It is good that we have been able to change with the times!

Kristjaan Panneman said...

What a surprise to see you at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai, a fellow Wonder Haiku Worlds poet. Thank you for visiting Magyar.

Magyar said...

__I thank you all, Jen, Gwilym, Janice, and Sandy. Kristjaan, I appreciate your kind visit, and your surprise... it seems, I am too often among those that watch. Smiles_!