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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

__ Gulls circled, seeming to search for a proper place to set down; this, a long ago overlook at Schoodic Point, Maine.   _m

low fog
veils this granite shoreline
herring gulls


Gwil W said...

when tide comes in
the gulls of the cliffs
descend to the beach

Jan said...

damp cold mists
hide stone castles spires
white entities descend~

Good afternoon, _m.

carol l mckenna said...

Enjoyed reading many of your haiku ~ well penned and traditional ~ As for others not sticking to the formula ~ perhaps they don't understand the fundamentals or like me free write and forget the rules ~ So glad to read another poet's haiku ~ lovely ~ thanks.

Wishing you a well spent week of your choosing ~ ^_^

cape cod other land
cape ann rugged coast less known
waves wash ashore all

carol l mckenna said...

Just had to write ~ Atlas Shrugged and The Fountain Head are among my favorite books ~ enjoy Enya also ~

Ashi said...

Love this Magyar, the scene one could easy imagen an airport by the sea ;)

Magyar said...

Nifty, y'all! _m

__ Thanks, Jan and Gwilym.
__ Welcome Carol, too I appreciate your kind visit and comments, as we sail the same sea.
__ Glad to see you again Jens, thanks for your visit.

Rachel said...

Du füllst mit deinen wenigen Worten eine riesen große Leinwand voller Bilder, und ich sitze mittendrin, höre das Meer rauschen, die Möwen kreischen...

Lieber Magyar, alles Liebe und Gute zu dir
von mir, Rachel

Crafty Green Poet said...

Very evocative image of the gulls in the fog

Magyar said...

__ Rachel and Juliet, I'm overwhelmed_! I truely thank you both_. _m

Sandy said...

One of my favorite places to watch the gulls. You caught the mystical feel of the place.