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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Kathy and I, during an evening walk in early Spring:  2013.

We are, at home. 
__ An evening stroll at pondside with walking sticks at hand;
we speak in silent glances. Head nods point to swans an the 
far shore, and our smiles find a Great Blue wading into the
sunset. We see an otter drawing its swim path wake, and a 
raccoon awaiting moonrise. Then, an owl tilted its head our way to 
delve our thoughts, and happily it sensed our good intent. 

natures home
with the sounds of traveled wings
humming birds


Jennifer Wagner said...

A very nice haibun! Lovely.

Magyar said...

__ I truely thank you Jen. _m

Gwil W said...

You are seeing the real world,
and spring is on the way,
the ducks are dancing on the ponds,
their feathers now brightening,
the squirrels are running in the trees
and they are red as foxes
long ago,
before the kings wrote their books,
the people looked out
and saw what they could see
and my people followed
the salmon
and the swan
and the light.

Magyar said...

A grand truth here, Gwil, much thanks.
__ Without speech, nature was once the teacher and keeper of all that was; the peoples' eyes.

Rachel said...

Deine Worte drücken das aus, was du siehst, hörst und fühlst.
Ich mag die Tiefe, in die du vordringst. Dein Naturempfinden
spricht mir Seele und Herz an.

Dir alles Liebe

sandy said...

this is so beautiful! I actually got chills reading it. It spoke a deep truth to me.